Free Point of Sale and Inventory Management Software

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a user-friendly free Point of Sale system. Manage your sales, inventory, and employees efficiently and run the business smoothly.

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Mobile Point of Sale Software

Mobile Point of Sale Software

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a complete Point of Sale system. Manage sales, inventory, and your employees seamlessly. Setup multiple outlets even in different business types and manage them online from anywhere.

  1. Manage sales seamlessly
  2. Inventory management
  3. Manage shops
  4. Manage teams and employee performance
  5. Customer loyalty
  6. Reporting and analytics
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Manage your sales seamlessly

  • Sell from a smartphone or tablet
  • Save and manage pending bills (Hold Bill)
  • Keep recording sales even when offline
  • Issue printed or share electronic receipts
  • Connect a receipt printer/barcode scanner
  • Dashboard app to monitor real-time sales & stock
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Inventory management <span>(standalone and centralized)</span>

Inventory management (standalone and centralized)

  • Centralized inventory to manage stocks in multiple shops and businesses
  • Realtime tracking of stocks
  • Automated low stock and stock expiry alerts
  • Send automated email orders to suppliers track receipts through
  • Transfer goods between stores
  • Cover complete process of goods ordering to goods receiving
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Manage your shop(s)

Manage your shop(s)

  • Expand your business by adding new shops
  • Manage sales, stocks, employees and customers in the same or different businesses
  • Filter all the reports and analytics in shop wise
  • Create users for different shops and grant accesses
  • Setup different receipts design and other settings in shop wise
  • Manage all shops from online
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Manage teams and employee performance

Manage teams and employee performance

  • Create users with different access rights and assign them to shops
  • Identify best performing employees by tracking employee wise sales  
  • Automate sales commission calculation
  • Provide access using PIN option to each employee
  • Shift End function to help employees to manage cash
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CRM and customer loyalty

CRM and customer loyalty

  • Create a customer base with contact details and preferences
  • Recognize customer purchases done from any shop in the network
  • View customer buying history to provide a better service and plan sales
  • Run loyalty programme to reward repeat purchases
  • Track individual customer visits and shop footfall to understand behavioural patterns  
  • Use loyalty cards to add or redeem points 
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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

  • Dashboard with key data and filtrations
  • View revenue and profit for each shop and all shops
  • Identify top selling products
  • Track sales trends to plan sales and logistics
  • View entire sales history
  • Export all reports to spreadsheets enabling further analysis
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API Integration

API Integration

  • Sync Across Apps: Seamlessly connect accounting, e-commerce, inventory, and marketing apps.
  • Workflow Efficiency: Integrate APIs for streamlined cross-application workflows.
  • Total Connectivity: Link multiple platforms like CRMs for a comprehensive business view.
  • SalesPlay Customization: Craft tailored solutions using our SalesPlay API.
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Your waiters can use SalesPlay Tablet Ordering System to get customer orders and send them directly to POS, KOT, and queue management systems.

Tablet Ordering

Specialty Centers with waiting

Specialty Centers with waiting

Medical centers, public institutes, veterinary clinics, vehicle service centers and consultants can enhance customer waiting time with SalesPlay Queue Management.

Queue Management



Kitchen Display System informs kitchen staff what to prepare from an order. Improve order times and accuracy with Sales Play Kitchen Display.

Kitchen Display

Counter Services

Counter Services

SalesPlay Customer Display is a software that supports a customer facing screen which shows the order details including the item image.

Customer Display