Advanced Inventory on SalesPlay

Nov 16 2021

In the recent update SalesPlay emerged into a more seamless platform with sleek looks and a centralised inventory system. With access to add and manage multiple shops and multiple terminals under each shop. If you own a shop or multiple shops, you will know what it takes to consolidate inventory and all other operations in between.

Centralised Inventory

The main part of the new release is for you to be able to manage inventory related operations, centrally. That means, with the entire inventory tracking in one place, you get more visibility over transfer, GRN, re-order, returns and invoicing.


This includes multiple locations and terminals at the same time.


The centralised inventory system enables owners of multiple shops to distribute inventory to multiple locations or between terminals from a single point with Transfer of Goods (TOG). This saves you a load of time and hassle having to manually track emails or documents related to transfer. The ability to manage Purchase Order (PO) based on the GRN, will help you track the right supplier without having to go through bulky files.


Manage your shop(s)

Keeping the profitability and real time sales of your shop in an easily accessible way through the SalesPlay POS mobile app gives peace of mind. Sure enough, now you can manage single or multiple shops in standalone mode or centralized mode. Now you can track product sales, employees performance in any shop or terminal at any time through reports.



When you employ staff to manage the shop, you may also need to adopt other performance and reliability criteria. To ensure you have full visibility of staff performance, our new feature includes checking employee wise sales per shop, drawer cash balance at the start and end. For example, when you add the cash balance at the start of shift, the cashier can end the shift after entering the closing balance. And you can extract this as a report from the back office that goes as a drawer transaction report.


For different users you can also limit access and permission, ensuring that some have limited access


Inventory Reports

The app further enables users to view reports including inventory reports and sales reports.


The inventory reports in SalesPlay highlight the performance of goods. The inventory history reports allow users to understand the movement of goods over a period of time in each shop. This enables business owners to analyse product trends, for instance grocery store owners would be able to see fast selling goods during a certain period, whether it’s a pandemic or a drought and prepare for future demands.


The inventory expiry Reports, traces the expiry of goods alongside the GRN.


This enables users to analyse trends in goods and plan promotions based on the goods movement cycles, enabling bakery owners to notice the slow moving products and to understand reasons for this slow movement.



Sales reports on the other hand, include the sales performance of different products and trends. They can be customized to view a specific period of time, according to the SalesPlay user’s need. The shop wise sales report is used to view the sales performance in each outlet. A business owner of multiple cafés for example, could view and analyse shop-wise sales reports according to their need, viewing the sales at the end of the day in forms of charts or tables according to convenience.


The sales by Products report monitors fast selling products based on product and product categories, and the sales by Trend report empowers users to understand the sales or product trends over a period. These reports too enable SalesPlay users to view separate product reports keeping note of product trends and cycles.


Thus, the sales reports encourage SalesPlay POS back office users to plan inventory and consumer promotions ahead of time, by understanding and analysing these sales trends.


SalesPlay is a versatile Point-of-sale software to bring to reality the system that’s most suited to your business needs.

The SalesPlay Mobile app is ideal for your business looking to move away from a traditional bookkeeping method to a stand alone sales and inventory management system or to upgrade your current front end databases to a ERP and accounting software system



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