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Activate loyalty programmes

How to activate loyalty programs on SalesPlay POS

Loyalty programmes motivates customers to make repeat purchases with your business and may encourage long term loyalty.  

You can now create your own customer loyalty programmes for your business through SalesPlay. 

  1. To create these programmes you first need to head over to SalesPlay Back Office.  
  2. Select more. From the drop down menu, select Customers.

   3. Then add customer details 

   4. Register the customer under a terminal. If you have multiple terminals, click here to learn how to add more terminals

Note: if you are running a loyalty programme only for a specific terminal (location), you can chose which terminal the customer should use in order to avail the loyalty benefit. 

If the loyalty programme is conducted in all your terminals (locations) you can select All Selected at the customer registration from. 

   5. Next chose Loyalty under the more drop down menu 

   6. Add program details 

Manage point based loyalty programmes

A point based loyalty programme can be used when you want to add points to your customers based on their purchase value.  

Under loyalty Management chose Manage Point based loyalty programmes and click on ‘click here to create’ 

Click on Do you want to maintain customer segments> Yes 

Add the details and click Add segment to the list and Save 

You will get the message saying Loyalty programme <name> has been successfully created, Click here to view created loyalty programme 

Which will take you to the list of programmes created.

You may choose what to enable or disable by clicking on the status column in front of the relevant programme.

If you chose view segments from Loyalty programme> add segments>actions 

You can add segments from here as well 

Add more segments:

Segment name 

Minimum required points 


Choose view customers to add customers on the created loyalty segment.

You have the option to bulk upload and assign terminals to each customer.

Credit based loyalty programme

This is a unique loyalty programme where your customer can hold a credit balance in their account for which they can spend at your store. And you can top up their account at any time when they pay cash in advance. Following are a few usage cases.  

  1. If you are a school, the students can purchase food with a card which is paid for by the parents ahead of time.   

Other similar situations: offices, hospitals and workshops with a canteen 

How to activate the Credit based loyalty programme.

  1. From the SalesPlay Back Office> More> Loyalty> Credit based loyalty programme 
  2. Enable program

           If you have not already added customers, this should be done by first adding the customers from the More> Customers>Add customers tab. Once this is done, the customer will appear under the credit based loyalty programme tab. 

3. Add amount of points 

4. Chose the customer  

5. Click on Add points.  

The customer name, mobile and available points will immediately be updated in the table below. You can also add a quick top up from the same table under actions> top up in front of the customer name.  

Note that the terminal for the loyalty programme will be selected at the point of adding the customer on to the database. If the customer uses another terminal for the purchase, which is not running the loyalty programme then the customer will be eligible for the same.  

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