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Food Truck Industry Malaysia

Food Trucks survival mode in 2021

Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the food truck industry was booming in the past few years. As views on food trucks became more accepting, about 1,000 licenses were issued in 2019 for food trucks in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya alone. With the booming street food sector food trucks were a great innovation and investment. Though food truckers also have to grapple with operational challenges including limited space to store food, difficulty in hiring, location permits etc. this was an opportunity to expand businesses greatly.

Nonetheless, the searing pandemic brought the food business to a standstill. Businesses had to shutdown and food trucks faced the issue of high rent costs with no income. While many food trucks even across the world were forced to shutdown, many others used this as an opportunity to innovate.  

In her article titled, ‘How Food Trucks Endured and Succeeded During the Pandemic’ to the New York Times, Kerry Hannon writes about more innovative ways that food trucks stayed afloat. Stating that ‘some businesses have focused on ways to maintain their previously steady customer base by keeping track of their tastes and delivering products directly to customers, while others have created products and services that attract new customers.’ 

Even in Malaysia many food trucks went online trying to mainstream their products on food delivery apps like pandaexpress and ubereats. Yet even these businesses faced the challenge of high commission charges from these apps. 

In the article to Malaysian news titled, ‘As the pandemic continues into second year, Malaysian food businesses continue to pivot just to stay alive’, Keertan Ayamany addresses the case of one such food truck owner who struggled with the commission of Panda express. Expanding that Afif Ter from Beard Brothers BBQ also faced the same problem (high commission) with popular food delivery apps and therefore he decided to go a different route – directing orders to their own website. 

Thus, many Malaysian food truck owners continue to innovate to stay afloat. Though going online is an obvious choice it comes with it’s own challenges. 

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