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Grocery Stores – Philippines

Pandemic-driven growth of grocery sector in Philippines 

The food retail sector in Philippines is highly saturated with supermarkets, hypermarkets and even retail chains. According to the USDA the market leader is the supermarket chain Supervalue (SM)  followed by PureGold and Robinsons. Other Supermarket chains in Philippines include Metro Retail, Super8, WalterMartAllDay Supermarket, and the warehouse clubs S&R Membership Shopping and Landers Superstore. 

In 2016, the retail sales value of Philippines’ supermarkets amounted to approximately 10.2 billion U.S. dollars. The Philippines’ retail industry thrives on food sales, resulting in increasing retail sales value of supermarkets yearly. 

Filipinos’ increasing food consumption has been driving growth in the food retail sector over the last few years. Spending on essentials, particularly on food items by Filipino households, have contributed to this significant growth. 

Nevertheless, in 2020 the Philippines retail sector faced the challenges of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Traditional supermarkets that were survived by customers dropping by their stores had to look at different alternatives. Many made the transition of becoming online shops and started delivering their products. While this brought the challenge of increased transport cost, sanitation costs and online fees, a study conducted by the USDA suggests that there was a 50% surge in revenues at the height of the pandemic. This study suggests that the increase in demand for food and beverages comes from change in lifestyles, the increase of people staying at home and focusing on their well-being.

Furthermore, in its Foreign Agricultural Service report, the USDA noted that there is a $10billion growth of the industry which then amounts to $60 billion. A study conducted by modor intelligence forecasts a further 4% CAGR growth  by 2026 of the Philippines food retail sector. 

Thus, it is apparent that the pandemic brought more opportunities than challenges for the Philippines food retail sector.  

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