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Set up KOT on SalesPlay POS

How to Set up KOT on SalesPlay POS 

For a waiter and chef to have full use of this app, setting up Kitchen Order ticket (KOT) and Bar order ticket (BOT) are crucial. KOT and BOT can be used for minimizing the time the waiter takes to travel to the kitchen and to limit the interactions with each customer.Each KOT device can be linked to a terminal of your choice.  

Since the Kitchen Ordering Ticket on SalesPlay is cloud based your data will be stored and accessible by any device attached to the SalesPlay POS. This makes it easier for your team to sync in together and service your customers sooner.  

Here are the steps to set up KOT

First, you have to access the SalesPlay Back Office using the user name and password at the point of registration.  

  1. On software set up select Manage KOT/BOT 

   2. Click on Add new and chose the KOT/BOT target 

   3. When you choose KOT Display 

   4. Select KOT target 

   5. Connection mode 

   6. Provide KOT/BOT display name 

   7. Add KOT display IP 

   8. Attach POS to terminal and 

   9. Click on Save 

  10. If you chose KOT printer to set up printer option

*Click here to learn more about adding and replacing terminals

How to set up KOT on the SalesPlay POS App 

Connecting the Tablet/Printer to the Sales Play POS app makes the tablet ordering and KOT system function seamlessly. To do so follow the steps given below.  

  1. Swipe left from the home screen and select the settings option 
  2. Select the ‘Setup KOT’ option from the settings menu 
  3. Select the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right side of the screen 

   4. Enter the name.  

   5. Choose the KOT target (Printer or Display) from the drop down as needed.  

   6. Select the connection mode – Type of Printer/ Display from the drop down menu.

   7. Enter the IP address and select the size of paper. 

   8. Enter the Save button at the top right hand corner. 

   9. You will be lead back to the KOT menu, you will find the devices as saved.

Now you are set up with the KOT and ready to go. 


Need help setting up KOT and Tablet ordering? Reach out to us. Contact Customer Support: