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Introducing, New Logo

Introducing, New Logo



from 30th of July, 2021
By Teams SalesPlay

Today we launch a new logo, as a part of our journey towards making things more simple and focused for you. The new logo will be an impression of a refreshed outlook, a better product, with the same vision. Here we explain the reasons as to why the change.

The previous shape edged square, is now replaced with a rounded logo, representing a four leaf clover, which we believe to bring about good luck. The even color tone, brings about a smoother, stable and defined look giving a distinctive character to the brand.


The grey box at the bottom which limited characters, Point of Sale is replaced with a clear white background to express a limit-less space for feedback, innovation and growth.


Overall, it’s the expression of the experience you will have with the product: the conversion of complex financial information into a simpler structure within an adaptable design.

Over the next few month, you’ll see all the other visuals around SalesPlay aligning around this new direction: on the website, in advertising, and in some places in the product. It’s still us. We’re still SalesPlay. More focused and more consistant.