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Manage Set up on SalesPlay POS

How to Manage Set up on SalesPlay POS

Setting up on SalesPlay is easy and fast. Better yet, if you complete the set up on your devices correctly, you will be able to gain proper visibility across your operations and be able to take better decisions.  

Before you set up, you need to have downloaded and installed the SalesPlay Point of Sale App on your device and verified your email id.  

Based on the type of business you are in, there is a range of Apps that can be used alongside the SalesPlay Point of Sale App.

SalesPlay POS – App overview

If you are in a business type of Food and Beverage, the Kitchen Display app and Tablet Ordering App will be really useful. Queue Management app is mostly used for businesses where customers are in a waiting area such as a hospital or pharmacy. Customer Display is an ideal app if you want your customer to see the bill items as they are being punched such as at a grocery store. The Dashboard app can be used by all business types as a summary view of the Back Office. To work with these apps on your SalesPlay POS, you need to download and install them separately. Read more about how to set them up on our blog section. 

Now lets see how we can get ready to use the SalesPlay POS 

In this article you will see how to set up the following main, common features.

Manage User Profile 

Manage Set up 

Manage Notifications 

Design receipt 

Manage user profile: 

In order to be able to fully use the SalesPlay POS features, first you need to create and customize the user profile of the app.

Go to the Back office

Select More on the far right corner of the menu bar 

Select Profile from the drop down menu 

Fill in the relevant details 

Click Update 

You can use this same navigation to change the web portal login password.

How to Manage set up 

The user must configure the set up correctly to make proper use of the app. This is where the owner can specify terminals and would have to provide details of the terminal and the specifics from receipts to products.

Once you are in the Back office 

Select More you will come to the page that says software set up.  

Select Set up 

Manage set up and enter all the details 

Apply to: Assign the terminal these details will apply to 

Click submit 

You can also create web users and POS users. This is where you will find various permissions 


Web users:  

Create Back Office users: Create, separate accounts for back-office users, no matter how many employees you have 

Manage back office users: Keep track of back-office users, their activity and access limitations to information 

POS users:  

Create shop users: Give your workers in the shop individual user account in the system 

Manage shop users: Find and view details and information of individual worker activity easier than ever before 

Create shop user roles: Assign roles to workers to gain better control over who can do what 

Manage shop user roles: Offer access only to relevant functions and information based on the worker duties 

Manage Notifications settings.

On the Software set up tab on the SalesPlay Back Office, you can activate how you prefer to receive the daily sales summary. You can also choose for the log in and log out alerts if you have staff working remotely. 

Load template 

Select notification type as email and enter the email id to receive the notifications 

Schedule the time preferred for daily summary to be sent to you 

click OK

Log in and log out alert  

Apply to: chose terminal  

Click proceed 

Design receipt on Back office  

The receipt you design using the SalesPlay Back office is what will be issued in the print or e-format when sending the billing details to your customers. Make sure to adhere to the guidelines when uploading images.  

Here are the steps you need to follow:

On the same setup menu on SalesPlay Back office, 

Chose  design receipt tab

Enter the relevant information and check the check boxes according to the requirement 

Apply to: select the relevant terminal 

Click on the proceed button  

This will save all your information. 

Design receipt on SalesPlay POS app

You can also design the receipt using the SalesPlay POS Mobile app. 


Click on settings in the left – swipe menu 

Click on Design the receipt 

Enter the relevant information 

Click on preview to preview the receipt 

Select save on the too right hand corner 

You are all set to use the POS app. Need help setting up? Reach out to us. Contact Customer Support: