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Manage terminals

Manage terminals: What is a terminal? 

As a growing business, your business will acquire more staff and delegation of tasks would follow. However, the delegation of tasks should happen while having a centralised control to one main device.  

SalesPlay POS enables this centrally controlled task allocation through terminal management. For instance if your cafe operates ten branches in the locality, you would ideally have ten cashiers with POS systems with a terminal each. However, you as the owner will have access to all these terminals and all the transaction data is centrally recorded in your BackOffice, which is also accessible by you. 


This article gives you a comprehensive guide on how to add and replace terminals on the same device or a new device. 

Here’s a list of things you can do under Terminal management

Add terminal 

Add and remove terminals remotely to fit the demand for fast payment processing 

Manage terminal 

Manage smartphones, tablets, touch screens, card and chip readers integrated from a single window 

Clear Records 

Have access to clear records on sales, orders, payment in a single system 

More options 

Manage multiple shop operations in different locations in a single system 

Offer individual terminal password setting option terminal admins for better security 

Enabling customised sales and loyalty promotions for selected terminals 

How to add a terminal on SalesPlay POS mobile app as a Registered user

If you are already a SalesPlay user and adding a terminal you can enter and sign in to the POS through device. You have 2 options at Sign in: Add terminal or Replace Terminal.  

  1. Adding new terminal> Add Terminal name (Requires to be alpha-numaric)  
  2. Continue 

*if you want to replace or add a new terminal to your existing device, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the app, note: data will not be lost. 

How to Replace Terminal on a new device 

If you want to replace a terminal on a new device attached to the same POS follow the below method: You can choose this option only if data on the existing device should be replaced to another device or same device. Ideally you will come to this situation if the app gets uninstalled by mistake or migrate to a new device. Your data will not be lost in this process. 

  1. Sign in   
  2. Go to replace

   3. Select Terminal Name 

   4. Click Continue.

It will take a few minutes to transfer based on your data and internet connection speed 

Note: To replace the terminal user should have at least version 99.1 on both terminals and if not, error message will display to the user 

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