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Manage SalesPlay Queue Management

How to set up Queue Management on SalesPlay POS

Queue Management is a software that is designed to efficiently manage customer queues and waiting times more efficiently. This is commonly used in waiting areas until the customer’s turn up. 


This article guides you with instructions on how to link the SalesPlay Queue Management App with the SalesPlay POS.  

How to Manage Queue 

To use the queue option first you need to complete the registration process,  including details from the name of the queue and a specific email and password that should be provided to view the display. This can be updated on the SalesPlay Back office and will be automatically saved on the cloud when you have an active internet connection.

  1. Under software set up on SalesPlay POS 
  2. Choose manage queue and you will be on the queue management page 

   3. Provide the queue display name.  

   4. Preferred login name and password 

   5. You can select the order complete sound from 3 audio options 

   6. Set background image from your device or browse online 

  7. And attach the POS terminal 

  8. Click save 

How to manage the Queue simultaneously via POS and display 

Once the queue has been set up the POS app will be automatically connected to the queue display app. Here is how you manage the queue via the POS sales app and view it on the display simultaneously. 

  1. Click on Copy url and open the url on the display 

( You can also load the queue on the display with the backoffice by clicking on ‘load queue display’)

   2. Open the POS sales app and edd products to cart 

   3. Once products are added tap the ‘save’ button (left side) 

  4. Click on ‘Open Bill’ 

  5. In the ‘Hold Receipts’ menu click on ‘Queue’ 

   6. Click on the grey tick  

   7. In the pop up click on ‘yes 

   8. The display will have the receipts 1,2 under the processing list and when the queue is finished it shall look like this example

  9. As each queue is confirmed it will move from the processing column to the ready column 

Need help setting up the display and POS? Reach out to us. Contact Customer Support: