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Upload products through SalesPlay

How to upload products through SalesPlay

Congratulations! You have now downloaded and installed the SalesPlay app and confirmed the email. Now let’s get you started with the product upload. If you are a long time business or a start up, you would probably have a bulk of products to be transferred to the POS. 

Follow these steps and let us take you through it step by step.

  1. From the Dashboard quick links chose Add products.  

   2. Start by selecting the terminal that you need to give access for the products and the details. 

   3. Add product name  

   4. Sold by each: Chose measurement criteria for the product from the drop-down menu. (that is kg, g , l, lb, m)

   5. Add category and sub category (Create categories and sub categories: Backoffice > Products > Categories> Add category)

   6. Add product code 

   7. Add bar code (optional) 

   8. Regular unit price: Keeping this empty allows you to use a custom price on the user interface 

   9. Enable Price change:  

  10. Regular Unit cost 

  11. Tax Code: You can easily manage your tax methods on SalesPlay Back office settings> Create Taxes>  

   12. Composite product: You can add other items for this on SalesPlay Back office> Products> Composite products 

  13. KOT product: Attach item through KOT display. You can enable this through SalesPlay Back office > settings> Set up > Set up KOT/BOT > Add new

   14. Ingredient Product: Choose this if it is an ingredient item that will not be available for sale, but you can track the item. And add it as a composite product later.  

   15. Available for sale 

   16. Stock Control: do you want to manage inventory levels 

   17. Add product image 

   18. Save 

Upload products in bulk through SalesPlay Back office

If you have a larger stock and wish to enter it in bulk you have 2 options. 

Option 1: Use the provided template 

Follow the format given to you on the instructions when you click on import

You can download the excel format which will look like this:  

And upload the file once it’s done.

Option 2: Reach out to us! 

If you already have an excel sheet or database with all this information, but have no time to convert to this particular format, Contact SalesPlay customer support with the file you already have and we can convert data to the suitable format to enable bulk upload.  

Contact Customer Support: