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Use Shift Management in SalesPlay POS App

How to use Shift Management in SalesPlay POS App 

As your organization grows in capacity and scope, you will find the need to delegate the tasks across a larger group of staff, with varied levels of command and responsibility.  

What is a drawer transaction 

A drawer transaction is another terminology used instead of petty cash management.  

In the SalesPlay POS app, the drawer transaction module is embedded with shift management. And the owner can give access as well as monitor the daily transactions made through the cash management feature. 

How do I find it on the SalesPlay POS App

  1. Choose Sales from the Menu on the SalesPlay POS App 
  2. Chose Cash Management 
  3. Chose Drawer transactions

1. How to enable Shift end

On the SalesPlay POS app, select the menu

  1. Select  Sales 
  2. Cash management  
  3. Shift end 
  4. Shift end module > Enable by clicking the toggle button. This will turn blue once it’s in the enable state 

2. How to open the shift

If the ‘Shift End Module’ is in enabled state, then you need to enter the opening balance before performing any transactions. There are two options available to the user to feed opening balance 

  1. Feed opening balance to proceed  
  2. Navigate to side bar and try to access ‘Sales’ section (Pop up message will display to the user) 

3. How to Perform Drawer transactions

There are two ways you can enable drawer transactions on the SalesPlay POS App.

  • Pay In – Transactions which generate cash flow towards drawer ex: Morning Deposit (cash in), Suppliers receivables  
  • Pay Out – Transactions which generate cash flow from drawer to an external party ex: Suppliers payments, Foods(lunch), Daily salary (cleaning staff), Electricity bill, Water bill, Phone bill, Donations 


Elements available on the drawer transaction

  1. Available cash amount to perform transactions (current available cash in the drawer) 
  2. Amount of the transaction 
  3. Reason of the transaction 
  4. Create new reason (Can create reasons from both back office and terminal) 
  5. Perform Pay In 
  6. Perform Pay Out 
  7. Sample Pay Out (Can remove using bin icon display beside the value) 
  8. Sample Pay In (Can remove using bin icon display beside the value) 

4. Cash Management Summary view 

The Cash management module gives you a summary on drawer status and sales information related to the current shift.  

Cash Management Summary Element explanation 

  1. Current cash drawer stats 
  2. Current cash amount expected to be in the drawer 
  3. Sales information related to the current shift (All payment types) 
  4. Sales breakdown according to the payment types 
  5. Print button to print the current previewing information 

5. How to generate a cash drawer report 

A cash drawer report displays all transactions related to the drawer within the open shift. 

  1. Navigate to ‘Drawer Transaction’ form  
  2. Select take me to report 
  3. Take copy of the report through the printer using print functionality

6. How to close the shift 

By performing the shift end, a user can close the shift, indicating the balance cash at hand. This will finalise and record all daily transactions of the stock, sales and cash

  1. In the shift end module, enter Actual cash amount. This means the cash at hand at the end of the day.  
  2. If you want to print the report subsequently, tick the corresponding box.  
  3. Click on Run shift end process <date> 

   4. You will be reminded that this action will finalise the day’s transactions. Enter password. Choose to upload data to the cloud to record data on the Back office.  

   5. Click OK 

   6. You will see the shift end is being performed with the records that will be generated.  

   7. Click on OK 

   8. You will see that the shift is closed.  

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