How to Enable Payment Gateway on SalesPlay POS

Nov 16 2021

SalesPlay uses Stripe as a payment gateway. The sleek system is extremely user-friendly and offers great features right out of the box, such as acceptance of more credit cards, automated payments for recurring billing, and the ability to sync your sales data.

When it comes to security, Stripe processes payment transactions on its own network, which means that virtual thieves can’t access credit card information, and their mobile APIs are PCI-compliant.


Set Up

Follow these guidelines to enable Stripe on your SalesPlay app.


1.  Go to settings
2.  Payment Gateway



3.  Under Payment Gateway, Choose Stripe.
4.  Enter Publishable Key*
5.  Enter Secret Key*
6.  Select Payment Gateway Current
7.  Select System currency – the currency in which you would like to receive the payments Please note, the system currency should be the same currency you chose at the set up phase. Learn more about set up here
8.  Click on Save


Use the publishable key and Secret key you receive from Stripe after you become a registered member.


Accepting payments from Stripe on SalesPlay

Once you are ready to bill a customer

1.  Chose Card from the drop down
2.  Chose payment gateway as Stripe
3.  Enter Customer Card number and other details
4.  Select OK


In order to receive the payment from the customer, the cashier should enter the customers’ card details manually and press OK. Then the payment will be processed.