How to Set up KOT on SalesPlay POS

Nov 16 2021

For a waiter and chef to have full use of this app, setting up a Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) and Bar order ticket (BOT) Displays are crucial. KOT and BOT can be used for minimizing the time the waiter takes to travel to the kitchen and to limit the interactions with each customer. Each KOT device can be linked to a terminal of your choice.

Since the Kitchen Ordering Ticket Display on SalesPlay is cloud based your data will be stored and accessible by any device attached to the SalesPlay POS. This makes it easier for your team to sync in together and service your customers sooner.

Both KOT and POS terminals should be on the same network before adding a KOT Display.

Here are the steps to set up KOT Display


1. Download and Install the SalesPlay - KOT Display  .




2. Go to SalesPlay BackOffice Settings →Addon apps→KOT/BOT→Register New



  3. Fill in the details : The KOT/BOT Display Device IP of the specific device will appear on screen of the device (Refer image 4 to see how the device IP appears on the KOT). Save the details and you will receive the Verification code.



4. Open the SalesPlay KOT app and click on “Enter verification code”.



5. Enter the verification code and submit.



6. You have successfully verified the account. Now you can use the KOT Display seamlessly.



Need more help setting up?

Reach out to us. Contact SalesPlay Support: [email protected]