How to set up Tablet Ordering on SalesPlay POS

Nov 16 2021

Tablet ordering connects your waiter staff with the kitchen through the SalesPlay POS. You can set customised ordering channels based on locations or stations, using the terminals.

Setting up Tablet ordering would connect the tablet to the back office (Main app) through the SalesPlay Tablet Ordering App. All you need is the verification code to connect these two devices and start accepting orders.


Here are the steps on how to set up Tablet Ordering.

1.  You need to head over to the SalesPlay Back office.
2.  On the Software set up page select Tablet ordering



3. Click on Tablet registration:



4. Select terminal name
5. Enter the tablet name
6. Click save
7. Tablet registration confirmation screen will pop in with the registration code.
Enter this code in the log-in screen of the Tablet Ordering App



8. Once it’s entered, the POS terminal and tablet name will appear on the SalesPlay Back office.



9. To add multiple Tablet ordering apps and connect to the SalesPlay POS, click on show verification you will see the verification code. Use this on the terminals to connect.



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