How to use customer display on SalesPlay POS

Sales Play
Nov 16 2021

A customer display is a device where the product values, taxes and discounts that will be included on the final bill is displayed on a screen for the customer. This is linked to the Point of Sale Device at the check out point.


To use the customer display option on SalesPlay one must download and install the SalesPlay POS on the POS device and download and install the Customer Display App on the Customer Display device. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and Web App.


Once this is done, you can follow the steps below to link the two devices and start working.


1.  On the software set up page select customer display



2.  Select add new



3.  Provide customer display name
4.  Customer display IP :
a. First download and install the SalesPlay Customer Display app on the device where customer display is being used.
b. Both customer display and POS terminals should be on the same network before adding a customer display
c. The Customer Display IP of the specific device will appear on screen of the POS device.
d. Enter it under customer display IP



5.  Select terminal
6.  Save


Now you will be able to use customer display seamlessly. Need more help setting up?

Reach out to us. Contact Customer Support:

[email protected]