Top 5 Advantages of Using a Mobile POS System in a Clothing Store

Aug 10 2022

The only constant thing about fashion is that it changes. Now more than ever, we can see a rapid shift in consumer spending patterns that is mainly due to growing digital platforms. This shift is a profitable advantage for fashion retailers shifting to eCommerce now. A report by Forrester indicates that online fashion retail sales will amount to 36% of total fashion sales by 2022. Fashion brands all around the world are switching to better technologies to run successfully. Mobile POS, short for mobile Point of Sale, is a system that brings all your business activities under one roof. Fashion retail enterprises, whether small or large, are now opting for mobile POS systems rather than traditional POS. As a owner, here are the top 5 reasons why you should also choose a clothing store POS system.


       1. Provide an exceptional shopping experience

Keeping track of the bestsellers, crowd pleasers, seasonal hits, and products on sale is the most important factor in running a clothing store successfully. Keeping up with the current social trends is the key. You need a powerful inventory to achieve that. Inventory management with features like low-stock alert, managing purchase orders, and keeping track of stock transfers gives you just that. This is essential if you are running a store that has multiple branches. Using the option to track the stock in each location, you can ensure that there is a continuous supply of products in all your shops.


       2. Build a loyal and repeating client base

A happy customer is a recurring customer. Customers like a store when it has bestsellers that never run out. With a POS that provides you with real-time data and low stock alerts, you do not have to worry about running out of stocks ever. Using an online system, you can maintain a customer database with details of their preferences and peak shopping periods. This enables you to provide stellar customer service. Further options, like offering points-based loyalty programs to customers and customized discounts and offers, are attractive features available on online point of sale systems that work well for retail businesses.


      3. Build a stable brand and support expansions

With a web-based POS system, you can log in to the system from anywhere at any time using a device that is connected to the internet. This is especially handy when you are an owner of multiple branches in various locations. Unlike traditional POS and bookkeeping where you must be on-site to be hands-on, a cloud-based POS system gives you the opportunity to run all your businesses from one place. This allows you to focus on expanding your business further as the pressure of keeping up with all the branches at once is taken care of by a single system.


       4. Maximize sales & profitability

Realtime reporting allows you to get an overview of the performance of your business at present as well as an in-depth analysis of the sales and revenue. You can make predictions of your future sales based on past data and plan-ahead. Tracking the data meticulously allows you to understand fast-moving products, demands for seasonal garments, and crowd favorites, which makes it easier to restock. Depending on your needs, you can generate reports on sales, profit/loss, and stock balance using the data.


       5. Keep the staff motivated and decrease employee turnover

Employees are the cogs that run your business smoothly. Managing your staff is what determines the success of your business. Employee management can be a lot, especially if you have multiple stores. Using the right POS, you would be able to manage shifts to reduce employee manipulations and record employee-wise sales, which can be used to award the best-performing employee with bonuses and profit sharing. An ideal software like SalesPlay will have options to create user permissions with different access to employees at different levels. You can also share a calendar with staff appointments for efficient shift management.


SalesPlay makes retail business easy. It provides you with the right features you need to run your clothing store. SalesPlay is simple, unique, and easy to use. With the new web-based POS launch, you can now access the system from anywhere at any time via any internet-enabled device. SalesPlay features like unique product management where you can manage selling products unique to each shop individually, tracking employee performance, bulk ordering of stocks based on the low stock reports generated using real-time stock tracking, and an option to run a point-based loyalty program to reward repeat purchases are ideal for running a clothing store. Besides, SalesPlay is free. Download yours here.