Top 5 Features of a Clothing Store POS System

Nov 04 2022

Clothing stores are one of the most popular retail businesses to run. Your clothing store could be at a prominent location with a broad selection, however, if you do not have an efficient POS system in place, then it could be very difficult for you to run your business smoothly. In this article, we will discuss the top five features a clothing store POS system must have to improve your sales and drive business growth & profitability.



No matter what type of clothing store you run or how big or small it is, there are many key things that all clothing stores should have in common:


Easy inventory tracking and keeping stock of the best styles


Inventory tracking is a critical part of any clothing store's business. It is important to know how much inventory you have on hand, what items are selling well, and what styles are popular in your store.


● Easy inventory tracking: The best way to manage your inventory is by using a POS system with an integrated barcode scanner or mobile app that allows you to scan tags into the database when they are placed on an item. This will help you keep track of everything from sizes down to materials used in each garment—and it is also faster than writing down numbers by hand!


● Stocking the best styles: You can use a clothing store POS system to easily track inventory movement and identify the fast-moving products during each season. You can then use this data to adjust your stocks based on seasonal trends and customer buying patterns. You could also plan customized promotions at your store targeting slow-moving products.



Ability to sell quickly and efficiently


With a user-friendly clothing store POS system such as SalesPlay, you will be able to sell products quickly and efficiently at your store. This is achieved by using a mobile or a web app, which allows you to see all available products and inventory in real time. Adding new arrivals and managing items by categories is much easier with mobile POS software such as SalesPlay.


You can give a better shopping experience to your customers by issuing customized invoices with business information and a QR code (which can give a link to your Google Maps or your Yelp profile) or by giving product discounts at the checkout. You will also have the bill-holding option, which means no more waiting in line for customers at the cashier. 



Access to real-time sales analytics 


One of the most key features of a clothing store POS system is access to real-time sales analytics. The data from your POS can be used to make better business decisions, including:


● Sales analytics – Your sales dashboard will include all transactions made on the POS system, across all your shop locations. This information can be used for forecasting sales trends, identifying the top-performing shop locations, monitoring fast-selling products & more. These features will help you make swift business decisions and manage your clothing store effortlessly. 


● Inventory analytics – A point-of-sale system like SalesPlay will help you monitor the movement of products with ease and plan restocking and promotions accordingly. Inventory tracking is an important part of any business as it helps in planning future needs, a product such as SalesPlay helps you do just the same. 



Set up a customer loyalty program


A customer loyalty program is a way to reward customers who have made repeat purchases and encourage them to return in the future. It is a great way to increase revenue while building lasting relationships with your regular customers. 


Setting up a customer loyalty program is much easier with free POS software like SalesPlay. You can create your customer base with just a few clicks at the time of the checkout and sign them up for a loyalty card as well (if a card reader is available). You can track customer buying patterns across all your sales outlets, which will help you identify and categorize the type of buyers you have and run targeted promotions to them. For instance, if one particular customer has bought several shirts recently but has not purchased anything else since then—or if another customer appears to be interested in buying more than one item per visit—you might want to send them customized offers to stimulate purchase decisions. 



Hassle-free multiple-store locations management


If you are an owner of a store with multiple branches at various locations, a clothing store POS system is ideal for you. This will allow you to track inventory in each store. By keeping track of the stock available you can ensure the stores never run out of their respective bestsellers. As you grow and expand, you can also add new shops and set them up in just a few clicks and manage all shops online. A POS system will also enable you to set up different user allocations for the staff in various branches. You might want to learn about the unique products in each location and generate sales summaries and analytics individually. Needless to say, a POS system will meet these requirements. 


A clothing shop is a great place to start your business, as it has low startup costs and can be run from home. With a fully stocked inventory, you will be able to sell your products quickly and efficiently with minimal inventory risk. When choosing an electronic cash-register system for your store, consider all the features listed above in this article before deciding on which is best suited for you.