Vietnam: Digital Transformation of Businesses

Nov 16 2021

Vietnam’s large state-owned economy revolves around textiles, food, furniture, plastics and paper as well as tourism and telecommunications. As reported by the World bank, in 2020 the agriculture sector of Vietnam made up to 14% of GDP and employed up to 36% of the total workforce.


In such a backdrop, businesses are forced to be resilient and rise up to the current challenges. Many businesses are forced to go online due to lockdown and other social distancing measures. This technological transformation itself has guaranteed to 30% of businesses success. Business owners recently noted in an interview with Vietnam news that even banks are moving fast to online platforms and therefore, they are encouraged to make the shift to online platforms. Ride-hailing and delivery companies have proved to be successful due to their fast-paced cloud-based online presence. Many other grocers and bakers have also partnered up with local food delivery apps to deliver food and take orders online.


Businesses relying mostly on cloud based technologies, digital ordering needs to adapt to devices and apps that can connect multiple teams remotely as well as being able to accept payments and send an e-bill. Read here on a few tips to consider when deciding the software to choose for billing and linking up teams.