What Makes a Back Office Software important for your business?

May 09 2022

When you are on the steering desk of a business, every decision you make will have an impact on its profitability and growth trajectory. As an owner, your core interests lie in growing your business and making sure you have all the right information you need to make the right decisions.


One method of sure success in getting the right information is having your boots on the ground. For example, if you are running a coffee shop, sending time in the shop, getting to know the customers, what are they frequently buying, getting kitchen staff to prepare high-quality orders, making sure all the supplies arrive on time and the quality of ingredients are on par are a few of those steps that would be a part of your daily routine.


But most often the smaller details would skip even a hard-working business owner with all the daily madness in keeping the shop afloat. So how can you save yourself, your business interests, and the staff you have employees while being able to do everything you like to do?


Financial Management is one of the most sought-after services and support levels required by small to medium-sized entrepreneurs. And if you think, 'ah this is me!' You are not alone. Fortunately for you, your business is born into a world that is abundant with technology that can process even the most intricate data with just a click.


Let's break it down. When it comes to a business, financial management and interests of continuity, the most important thing your business should be running on is a Point of Sale System. These financially eloquent software with a cloud-based back-office web portal is built to provide you with a high level of reporting from profitability to performance, costing to valuations even status and immediate feedback to suppliers, which makes running a business on any device - a reality.


So why is a POS software with in-depth back-office software important and how can a business owner use it to thrive and grow your business? Let's take an account of a few important features that will blow your mind.


  1. In touch with current cashflows, profitability and status - in real-time

A cloud-based back office-based point of Sale software can give your business wings. Not to mention the real-time data updating that gives you crystal clear visibility of your short term and long term goals. Such as from where your inventory, employees and how much cash you have in your drawer to vital data like profitability, sales summary, and advanced sales reports. As long as all the sales and purchases take place through the POS, your data accuracy will be more accurate.


  1. In-depth understanding of inventory movement

Smooth flowing inventory is the lifeblood of any business. Having visibility of low stock inventory items and time taken to order will give you that short term leverage on optimizing the supply chain. Being able to order the right quantities of stock, the system prompted PO and GRN tracking helps you save time and unnecessary costs. With a cloud-based Point of sale software, you can extract both short term and long term information and take the right decisions.


  1. Device integration and e-bills

The advent of technology has made the acquisition and ownership of financial products to small and medium businesses more economical and user friendly. Gone are the days when bulky cash registers comes with a POS device and bills had to be printed. Now business owners can simply install the point of sale software to a tablet and connect multiple devices like barcode scanners, printers via Bluetooth and start operations and send customers e-bills instead of printed bills.


  1. Building customer bases and promotion planning

Having visibility of customers' purchase patterns is always exciting. The right insights when teamed up with sales promotions and pricing plans will have a supernova effect on your business. And your POS back office has the ability to equip you with just that kind of information. The right back-office platform can help you plan, schedule and organize promotions and allocate just the right customer to enjoy these benefits. A point system and discounts are common features in the most successful back office.


  1. Accessibility, permissions and data security

Working with multiple shops, and having multiple user roles handling cash and sensitive information such as customer data and contact information or payment information means you need to think twice (or more) about which information can be seen by who. A well-developed back office platform will allow you to enable multiple levels of accessibility and permissions. Password protection can be enabled for entering and closing shifts and viewing sensitive information such as cash balances across shops/ terminals and user groups.


Furthermore, the more devices you have connected – such as handheld scanners or tablets, and mobile devices with access to the POS – the more ways there are for malware, viruses, and other issues to affect the point of sale and back-office system. Ensure devices are serviced by the manufacturer or a trusted service provider. Regularly clean off old user IDs or passwords of employees who are no longer with you, and monitor them for any changes that weren’t authorized.


SalesPlay has all the essential features to be your powerful back-office software and much more…

When SalesPlay is used as your back office management and POS software, it can help every team stay more productive and manage the resources available in the most efficient manner.