Manage your Shop(s) with SalesPlay Back Office

Manage your store(s) and keep track of sales & inventory with SalesPlay Back Office

Manage your Shop(s) with SalesPlay Back Office

The Back-office web portal is the system management and analytics platform which is attached to the SalesPlay Point of Sale. Create products, manage inventory, customize the software settings, Access data, real-time reports, and user permissions and assign roles of your own business directly from your PC or any mobile device.


Analyze sales and inventory reports and get a clear view of the performance of specific products or sales tactics, and make data-driven decisions for constant growth of your business.

  • The sales analytics dashboard lets you analyze data by multiple parameters, including time period, gross sales, net sales, gross profit, discounts and refunds given; shop wise
  • Use sales reports to identify the most profitable products and categories, as well as top-performing employees and stores
  • Use the sales by shift report to understand how different parts of a day are performing as well as the difference between expected and actual cash amounts during the day
  • Access transaction history, export reports to CSV files, and analyse data in a sleek dashboard environment.


Manage the product list by updating the information constantly, even you can upload product images. Optimize the check-out process and increase user satisfaction of your business operation by customizing the product list..Add information to each product such as price, modifiers, inventory, whether it’s a composite, combo, variant or ingredient product and make the check-out process a lot easier.

  • Update information such as price, stock level, weight, category, and more. Add new items instantly or import new items in bulk
  • Set custom prices and stock for location-based shops
  • Ability to sell products to customers with an amount or percentage-based discounts, taxes and take notes on the items
  • Organise items by categories and use modifiers to customize the product.

Advanced InventoryAdvanced Inventory

An advanced inventory management subscription gives you the ability to track, forecast, and plan sales in real time. This can help you achieve better inventory levels and sell more products, making your business more profitable.

Advanced Inventory
  • Use purchase orders to update inventory and send orders to suppliers. Know when to place a re-order by entering a minimum order quantity, access low stock reports
  • Distribute inventory to multiple locations, view/ adjust stock levels through Stock Adjustments and rectify the difference
  • Manage multiple inventory-based actions such as TOG based on GRN by allocating to different shops
  • View the flow of inventory in all shop locations with the Inventory History report.


Manage your customers by keeping records of the customer base and by arranging loyalty programs. Customer management is crucial to the success of any type of business.

  • Register customers in the system and Create a customer base
  • Facility to adjust points manually
  • Export customer base to CSV or PDF for further reference
  • Import existing customer base by simply uploading a file
  • Manage Loyalty programs and redeem points
  • Manage and keep track of the creditors.


Plan promotions by having multiple pricing plans. You can have different prices for a product. Also you can create discount plans early and make them available for a sale. You can upload bulk product prices as well.

  • Create discount plans with extra features such as scheduling them for a specific period, attaching the discount to the product or receipt total, defining value discount or percentage etc.
  • Create pricing plans that can be applied at the time of sale, you can schedule the pricing plan, select product categories to which you want to apply the pricing plan, select the shop(s) to which you want to apply the pricing plan etc.
  • Bulk upload product prices.


Manage system employees, tablet users, other employees and their access rights easily and seamlessly.

  • Create user profiles with different access rights and assign them to shops
  • Create new tablet user profiles.


Customize/ adjust your SalesPlay account settings with one click: features, payment types, receipt, software set up, shops and many more.

  • Enable features for a wide range of parameters: Open receipts, Shift management, Multipaayments, Taxes, Reservations and many more
  • Add and manage information on all your shops.


Manage your subscriptions simply. Subscribe to Employee Management, Advanced Inventory and Custom Pricing programmes and enjoy many more features.

  • Subscribe to “Employee Management” and create users, manage access rights, login alerts and sales by employees
  • Subscribe to “Advanced Inventory” and create orders, GRN, view inventory history reports and manage stock
  • Subscribe to “Custom Pricing” and request special pricing if you have more than 5 users.

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