Employee Management

Easily monitor and manage employee activities and increase their productivity and performance.

Employee Management

Employee Management in Salespay POS

Allocate work to your staff based on a schedule, and keep track of their shift in and out timings. Allow or restrict access to sensitive information based on their role.  Gain visibility to cash handling and any mismanagement.

When you are able to keep track of staff performance you can make balanced decisions on their working patterns and productivity. SalesPlay Employee management module helps you with crucial factors that control employee groups, their access rights and levels of accuracy.

Access SettingsAccess Settings

Create and manage User role(s) and access

Access Settings
  • Empower your team with custom permissions
  • Limit employee access to sensitive data and keep information open to only required user groups
  • Implement employee Login Pin to ensure that everyone logs into the POS securely
  • Control what your team sees and does and set access rights
  • Add tablet users and enable them to access through a unique password
  • Create multiple new staff employee roles that suit your shop’s roles and enable permissions.

Sales by EmployeesSales by Employees

Track employee-wise sales performance

Sales by Employees
  • Measure Employee Performance from back-office with sales reports
  • Filter reports by time, store and employee
  • Enter the opening balance at the beginning of the shift and end the shift with the closing balance
  • Monitor cash performance with the cash drawer report
  • Download reports easily in CSV

Access Logs ReportAccess Logs Report

Track employee activities

Access Logs Report
  • Monitor login and logout of employees
  • Filter data by date, time and employee
  • Export reports for future reference.

Identify Cash DisparityIdentify Cash Disparity

Track cash, credit and drawer transactions by your employees and identify if there’s any cash disparity at the end of the shift

Identify Cash Disparity
  • Manage permissions to enable selected employee(s) to access Cash Management and perform Drawer Transactions
  • Employees with access to Cash management can provide the actual cash amount at the end of the shift
  • Monitor employees’ manipulations and track cash amount differences with the shift reports.


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4$ USD / monthper employee30 days free trial 40$ USD / yearper employee30 days free trial

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