SalesPlay Features


Point of Sale

Manage your sales seamlessly

SalesPlay Free POS is available on Android and i-phone devices

Accept payment from any method

based on how your business works best you have the choice to accept cash or card payments with the SalesPlay POS

Save and manage pending bills

Keep a bill open till customers are ready to settle the bill

Issue printed receipts or email receipt to customer

Issue the bill in any way convenient to the customer or your online or your location-based business

Connect printer

Connect a receipt printer/barcode scanner and cash drawer

Share your receipt details via email or WhatsApp
Pricing and Discounts

Schedule pricing plans for products or seasons. Maintain discounts at check-out of for specific products.

Work offline

Keep recording sales even when offline

multiple locations

: create multiple shops in stand-alone or centralized mode. Track sales, inventory, customers and staff data in one place in real time

Barcode scanning

use the barcode scanner when adding product for easy check out

Customer Display

Sync your SalesPlay POS to Customer Display on a separate screen to show order details to customer during the billing process


Create categories and sub-categories for the product or service

Cash management

keep drawer transactions transparent at the beginning and end of shift. Maintain visibility to cash in and cash out, prevent mistakes and theft.


enable refunds on items on list from any location

Dashboard app to monitor real-time sales & stock

Manage your shop(s)

Add new shops

Expand your business by adding new shops

Manage sales, stocks, employees and customers in the same or different businesses
Filter all the reports and analytics in shop wise
Setup different receipts design and other settings in shop wise
Manage all shops online
Manage locations

Add new locations to existing or newly created shops with different settings

Unique product management

Manage unique selling products in different shops

User allocation

Create users for different shops and grant accesses

Product movement

View product movement, sales summery reports under each shop

Manage teams and employee performance

Employee wise sales

Identify best performing employees by tracking employee wise sales

Cash Management

Manage petty cash from the POS

Shift management

Enable Shift Management to reduce employee manipulations

Cash drawer

Shift End function to help employees to manage cash

User permissions

Create users with different access rights and assign them to shops

Automate sales commission calculation
Provide access using PIN option to each employee

Visibility of staff appointment schedules in a calendar (services business type)

Manage Inventory

Centralized inventory to manage stocks in multiple shops and businesses
Purchase orders

Raise Purchase Orders, accept Goods Received based on PO, Share PO with suppliers.

Transfer goods between shops

Distribute inventory to multiple locations

Adjust stock

View/ adjust stock levels through Stock Adjustments. Rectify difference

Realtime tracking of stocks

Manage multiple inventory-based actions such as TOG based on GRN by allocating to different shops

Import products in bulk

Add products, prices and other related detail in bulk through bulk file upload

Low stock reports

Automated low stock and stock expiry alerts

Inventory history

view the flow of inventory in all shop locations

Automated Email

Send automated email orders to suppliers track receipts through GRNs

Reporting and Analytics

Dash board with key data and filtrations
Sales Report

Track daily sales revenue, net profit, gross profit and discounts

Sales by Category

Get insights to best performing categories over a period

Inventory History Report

Understand movement of goods over a period of time in each shop and plan promotions based on the goods movement cycles

Inventory Expiry Reports

Trace expiry of goods

Shop wise sales report

View sales performance in each shops, understand sales trends

Sales by Products report

Monitor fast selling products based on product

Sales by Trend

Understand sales volumes by product to understand sales trend

Advanced sales reports

Analyze product wise receipts created, order type wise sales, shop wise sales and more.

Debtor management reports

Gain access to credit settlements of your customers and the full report of creditors.

Customer Loyalty

Build customer base

Create a customer base with contact details and preferences

Buyer trends

Recognize customer purchases done from any shop in the network

View customer buying history to provide a better service and plan sales
Track individual customer visits and shop footfall to understand behavioral pattern
Point based loyalty

Run loyalty programme to reward repeat purchases

Loyalty cards

Use loyalty cards to add or redeem points

Take notes

Add important notes about customers and their choices

Credit Sales and Debtor Management (Settlement)

Maintain debtor profile

Access debtor profiles, payment cycles and accept settlements

Settlement types

Get percentage of settlement on total outstanding for each customer and payment type

Restaurant POS features

Manage your orders efficiently and keep your teams synched

Build a loyal base of customers who keeps coming back for more

Efficient order management, comprehensive inventory management, transparent employee management, easy to understand visual sales analytics, loyalty programs

Take orders via tablet or smartphone and send to the kitchen on display or printer (Insert image of tablet and phone devices)

Kitchen staff can easily receive and manage orders with open tickets

Assign tickets to tables in one click using the predefined tickets option

Manage open tickets by splitting, merging and moving items

Assign tickets to staff for each task

Organize items by categories and customize menu screens such as burgers, pizza, wines and cocktails to increase order-taking efficiency

Add toppings and add-ons to the items by using modifiers

Chose the preferred dining option from “Dine in”, “Take out”, “Delivery”, etc

Apply discounts and taxes, and make notes to the items or to the orders

Instantly Notify your kitchen or bar staff what to prepare for orders

Streamline the ordering process with kitchen displays or printers

Pair multiple kitchen displays and printers with multiple POS devices

Easily check items, quantities, modifiers, tickets on the kitchen display or printer

Set timer with table management timers to know how long a table has been open