How to Register and set up SalesPlay Back office

Nov 16 2021

SalesPlay back office is an analytics platform for the SalesPlay Point of Sale App. As an entrepreneur, you need to know the business’s growth over a period, and set up some user permissions across your growing team.

The Salesplay POS software can analyse your data for you in real time.

Creating a user profile from the SalesPlay back office is easy. All you need is an active internet connection and an email address to start off with. Follow the below steps and let’s get you onboarded real quick.


Registering with SalesPlay – through the Back Office

        1.  Access SalesPlay back office from the home page of SalesPlay website by clicking on ‘Sign Up’ .


       2. Enter your email, Password, Business type and Country. Check the terms and conditions, once you have read through carefully.Then click on Submit.



       3. You will receive an email to the provided email ID. Check your inbox.



       4. Click on ‘Confirm registration’:



5. Your account has been successfully confirmed. Now click on ‘Go To BackOffice’ to sign in,


or click on the  ‘Sign In’ button on the SalesPlay home page.



6. Sign in using the same email ID and password



          7. You will land on the SalesPlay back office main page that looks like this.


Now that the registration is complete, you will need the Point of Sale App to be set up on your device.


What is the difference between the Back Office and Point of Sale?

While the back office is an analytics and set up system, you will find the POS more convenient to use for your regular business activities such as creating a receipt.

For example in a salon one could use the back office to analyses daily sales and numbers while using the POS app to print receipts and to continue transactions.


Here’s what you can expect from SalesPlay Back Office
  1. Monitor sales performances
  2. Manage order and inventory
  3. Manage multiple controls and access points
  4. Manage customers and suppliers
  5. Create and manage discount and pricing plans
  6. Manage employee access rights and other details. 


Click below link for further support:

 Let's Sign Up via SalesPlay Website


Need help setting up? 

Reach out to us. Contact Salesplay Support: [email protected]