How to share E - receipts with Your Customers

Aug 28 2022

E - receipts help your customers to store proof of payment and also retailers to store sales data online. SalesPlay offers you three options to select how you want to share the receipt: via Text, PDF or Link sharing.


Follow these steps and let us take you through it step by step.


1. POS app: Start a new sale, select item(s) and click “Charge"


2. Select Cash, Card or Credit and click “Charge”


3. Click the “Share” icon with 3 dots connected, on the top right corner


4. Choose an option: Text, PDF or Link


5. Select the Social Media Messaging app icon and send the receipt


  • Here are the 3 types of receipts that you can choose to send to your customers.


Text PDF Link


Need more help?

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