How to Turn Your Local Coffee Shop Customers Into Regulars?

Nov 26 2022

If you have started your own coffee shop which is doing quite alright, but you want it to grow, you have come to the right spot. Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with 5 tips on how you can turn your customers into regulars. A method that is often overlooked but is crucial in how a coffee shop runs, is the café point of sale. Using the features of a POS system you would be able to make your coffee shop the locals’ favourite spot.



  1. Creating an inviting atmosphere

One of the key pull factors in a café or coffee shop is the type of atmosphere that is created. Some people enjoy going to such places to relax and wind down while others enjoy grabbing their favourite drink and sitting down to work. Whatever their purpose might be, the atmosphere that you create is incredibly important. This includes the wallpaper, seating arrangement, choice of music, the colours that are seen around and even the lighting of the place. All of this (and more) needs to be carefully looked into and constantly maintained to create a space that people want to spend time in.


  1. Good customer service

How one is treated at a shop shapes their view and perspective of the place completely. If you encounter a rude waiter or a snarky cashier, the chances of you going back to that spot or even recommending the place to a friend are exceptionally low. On the flip side, if you encounter a friendly and welcoming staff that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, isn’t it natural to want to return? However, one thing to remember about customer service is that not all customers desire the same kind of reaction. Some customers might be chatty and would like to get to know the staff whereas others might be too introverted or socially anxious to have such conversations. It is important that your staff realizes this and tries to interact with each customer accordingly. It might seem like it requires a lot of people skills and is tough work, but it will definitely be worth it when you increase your regulars.


  1. Great selection of drinks and food

While the place and the people are important, the most crucial factor in a coffee shop and most probably the reason people visit it the most is the food and drinks. Therefore, it is not only important to ensure that the beverages and food you are serving are of high quality, great standard and absolutely delicious but it is also important to have a diverse range. This is important for those who might not enjoy your standard coffee or sandwich but do enjoy a peach iced tea or a chocolate tart instead. You could conduct an initial survey to gauge what products your local customers would like to have and afterwards use SalesPlay POS services such as tracking product sales to keep a tab on the type of highest selling product and the product that is not profitable to the shop.


  1. Efficient order turnaround times

Even if the food is delicious, if you leave a hungry customer waiting for long, they are not going to be happy. A way to build a regular customer base is by ensuring that you are efficient with your order turnaround times. The use of POS such as SalesPlay could assist you in ensuring that the quality of your service is top-notch in this aspect. POS would help you take orders via a tablet/smartphone and send them to the kitchen display or printer for effective and speedy order taking. The digitalization of POS also allows tickets to be assigned, split and merged all in one click. No matter how complicated the order might be and the toppings and variations the customer might request for a dish, it can all be easily communicated to the kitchen staff in a few seconds. Other features also allow you to set a table management timer to make sure they do not wait for too long, keep a bill open till customers are ready to settle it and show order details to the customer during the billing process.


  1. Customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty is a great initiative for building a regular customer base. Through SalesPlay, you could create a customer base with contact details, preferences and buying history which could assist you in better customer relations and better sales. Additionally, to incentivize regular returns to your coffee shops you could offer loyalty cards which could be used to add or redeem points alongside a loyalty program to reward repeat purchases.