Multi-store SalesPlay POS

Grow your business by adding multiple shops easily whenever you need,  and by monitoring the progress of each accurately.

Multi-store SalesPlay POS

Manage your purchased and received inventory of all stores from one place and transfer goods between stores. Monitor employee performance and customer preferences of each store separately. Get real-time reporting and analytics data of sales and inventory for all your stores to make data-driven decisions.


Build and grow your business to a profitable entity with multiple locations. View status of all locations from one centralized POS.

  •  Add multiple shops easily with just a few clicks. 
  •  Manage multiple shops with different inventory levels.
  • Manage and keep track of employee performance of each shop separately.
  •  View consolidated analytics of your entire business in the SalesPlay Backoffice.

Inventory managementInventory management

Manage your inventory of all stores from one place.Track purchased, received and transferred products across all stores efficiently and conduct stock adjustments and inventory counts.

Inventory management
  • Easily add items to shops with the build import option. 
  • Independently track inventory for all shops. 
  • Order new products with purchase orders.
  • Hold or recall the PO if needed.
  • Create Good Received Notes with all the necessary details. 
  • Transfer inventory between multiple stores and keep track on its status.
  • Add custom pricing based on the store location or customer types.


Keep track of individual employee performance across all your shops. Have full control over employee activities and access rights to improve your business performance and security.

  •  Limit access rights of staff members to certain stores and essential permissions.
  •  Monitor employee performances and help them manage schedules in a calendar.
  •  Enable shift management and track shift start and end time, cash in and out with a reason. 
  • Allow your employees clock-in and clock-out at the beginning and the end of the shift and get the report of total working hours.

Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management

Build and maintain your customer base for multiple shops from a centralized POS unit. Keep track of customer preferences of each shop, run promotions and improve sales.

Customer Relationship Management
  •  Add customers with contact details and maintain notes on their preferences.
  • Understand frequency of visits and last visit date.
  • Take orders in advance for customers and allow to pay ahead of time.
  • Enable a uniform rewards structure across all shops.
  • Identify and reward frequent purchases from any shop location.
  • View purchase history of each customer easily and plan out for stock updates or promotions.
  • Use loyalty cards to add or redeem points.


Get real time reporting and analytics data of sales and inventory for all your stores to make data-driven decisions. Grow your business by Improving inventory accuracy , and by comparing and tracking store performance.

  • View a comprehensive range of performance matrix of your business from the dashboard on SalesPlay Back Office web portal.
  • Compare these key indicators such as gross profit, net profit, cost of sales, discounts and monthly sales summary based on time period or shop.
  • View the top sales products of the month at one glance, as well as top sales categories.

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