SalesPlay Point Of Sale

Easy-to-use Point Of Sale to run your business.

SalesPlay Point Of Sale

With SalesPlay, it’s easy and efficient to manage all your sales and inventory whether in retail, restaurant, café or in any other business.The mobile version of Salesplay POS is available for download in the Google Play Store and App Store. Also now you can use the Salesplay Web POS without any installations on your device(s).  

Optimized Checkout ProcessOptimized Checkout Process

Optimized Checkout Process
  • Add items to receipt through a barcode scanner or any smart device with a built-in camera.
  • Customizable Sales Screen for quick item selection.
  • Product Variants for goods with different attributes such as colors, sizes etc.
  • Apply additional charges, discounts, loyalty points and make notes on products or receipts. 
  • Email receipts : customer’s do not have to wait for the receipt to print out. Cashiers don’t have to stop and refill the receipt printer.
  • ‘Open bills’ help you to work with a few orders simultaneously, edit, and close them during payment.

Easy set up for any businessEasy set up for any business

Easy set up for any business
  • Convert your smart device to a point of sale and start selling.
  • Adding as many new shops and terminals as you need – and record sales even when offline.
  • Manage all shops online and monitor real time sales and stock update.
  • View all important information shop wise any time.

View and Analyze SalesView and Analyze Sales

View and Analyze Sales
  • Track upward or downward trends in sales. Compare the trends with the previous trends.
  • The Sales by product report identifies best selling products, this will help in planning out purchases at the right time.
  • Analyze sales by payment types such as cash, card, cheque etc.

Cash managementCash management

Cash management
  • Manage petty cash from the POS.
  • Enable Shift Management to reduce employee manipulations.
  • Maintain visibility to cash in and cash out.
  • Keep drawer transactions transparent at the beginning and end of shift.

Manage teams and employeeManage teams and employee

Manage teams and employee
  • Create shifts for staff. View your cash flow and differences for every shift through shift reports.
  •  Keep tab on number of hours worked for each employee with opening/ closing time.
  •  Identify best performing employees by tracking employee wise sales.

Manage user roles and permissionsManage user roles and permissions

Manage user roles and permissions
  • Create users for different shops and grant accesses.
  • Create users with different access rights and assign them to shops.
  • Provide access using PIN option to each employee.

Connect other devices with SalesPlay POS and make your business operations more efficient and convenient. Connect other devices with SalesPlay POS and make your business operations more efficient and convenient.

Connect other devices with SalesPlay POS and make your business operations more efficient and convenient.
  • Connect barcode scanners and control inventory accurately. 
  • Connect receipt printers and ensure accuracy when processing payments.
  • Connect kitchen printers and allow the cashiers/waiters to send order tickets straight to the kitchen.
  • Connect Customer displays and let your customers see all the relevant information about their purchases.
  • Connect Kitchen displays and kitchen printers to send orders to the kitchen.

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