Top 8 Features to Consider when Selecting a Food Truck POS System

Sep 27 2022

Food trucks have been and continue to be a growing business in the food industry and the competition keeps rising up. In order to keep up, you need to do something better and different from the others. As much as you provide delicious food to your consumers, customer satisfaction isn’t achieved only through that. Many factors such as convenience when selecting, ordering, and paying, availability of food at all times, and attractive loyalty programs decide the customer satisfaction level. All of these could be achieved if you own a food truck POS system. The set-up cost of a mobile POS system is very easy and affordable as it only requires a smartphone or a tablet. Food trucks benefit from mobile POS systems because they occupy very little space, which is an advantage since food trucks have limited space.  Discover in-depth how a food truck POS system can keep you on top of your game.


Easy set-up and mobility of the POS system

The portability of a mobile POS system is one of its biggest plus points when used in a food truck. Since food trucks are portable, a mobile POS system is the ideal way to seamlessly manage all your sales. Sometimes your food truck might not be spacious and having a PC or a laptop would make the space look cluttered. But using a mobile POS system on a phone or a tablet would make the setting-up process easy as well as carrying it anywhere you want.


Tablet ordering facility

You don’t want to keep your customers waiting and neither do they want to stand in queues. To avoid queues, you can use the table ordering facility in mobile POS systems. You can take orders on your tablet or phone and send them directly to the kitchen on display. By doing this you can save time, communicate the correct order details, and save your clients the trouble of having to wait in a queue.


Manage multiple food truck outlets

If you are the owner of multiple food truck outlets, you have to manage every outlet with equal efficiency. The best way to do this is to implement a POS system which enables you to manage all your outlets together and also separately. Stand-alone mode and centralised mode will assist you in doing it. You will have access to sales, inventory, customers, and staff data in one place in real-time.


Easily manage employees

Managing your employees is a vital factor in improving the quality of the service that your food truck provides. You can get employee sales performance reports and use them to make better business decisions. To avoid employee manipulation, you can keep track of their work hours and workload allocation as well. Customising permissions to the POS system and monitoring cash handling and discrepancies are two of the available features.


Inventory management facility

Having your customers' favourites in stock all the time is a great way to build their trust. In order to do this, you have to have a thorough awareness of your inventory at all times. Although it sounds like a time-consuming hectic job, with a POS system it is not. You can get real-time inventory status reports as well as know when to reorder by applying stock tracking and minimum order quantity. This way your customers will always be satisfied by ordering what they want.


Availability of a customer loyalty program

Building a loyal customer base is every businessman’s ultimate goal. One way to do this is to create multiple customer loyalty programmes which would make them feel like they matter to you. Through these loyalty programmes, you can reward them with points and turn your walk-ins into regular loyal customers. Through a POS system creating a loyalty programme is quite convenient and simple.


Ease of maintenance on the go

As it was mentioned earlier mobile POS systems can be used on a smartphone or a tablet making it easier for the user. Another thing which is great about it is the ease of maintenance. The cost and effort it takes to maintain a cash register or a PC are much higher than maintaining a tablet or a mobile phone. Hence a mobile POS system is the ideal deal for a busy food truck owner.


Real-Time reports and sales analytics

Through a POS system, you can get reports with real-time data and sales analytics which could affect your business decision-making process. It produces different types of sales reports like sales by product reports, sales by trends, shop-wise sales, and advanced sales reports which help you to do a thorough analysis of the progression of your sales and take necessary steps to improve your business.


The importance of having a POS system cannot be overstated, and it is very important that it has all the features mentioned above. The SalesPlay offers all of these features in its POS system for free. Since it is accessible on mobile devices SalesPlay is the ideal POS system software for your food truck business.