Top 5 Features of a Restaurant Point of Sale

May 01 2022

A mobile POS is a smart alternative to the traditional way of managing your small business. A Point of Sales system helps with the sales and management of a business. An mPOS system digitizes all your business activities such as managing sales, payments, inventory, and employees, generating sales reports and setting up customer loyalty programs and brings them under one platform which you can manage using a smart device.


In businesses like restaurants, food trucks, juice bars and other food delivery services an efficient POS system can be a gamechanger. Especially in terms of fast service, customer satisfaction and employee management. A restaurant Point of Sales system will ensure the seamless functioning of your business; from ordering to billing to storing customer information you can manage it all with a few clicks. mPOS systems like SalesPlay provides a complete solution for small scale enterprises and large businesses alike.


Why do you need a POS for your restaurant?



In the hospitality industry, quick and quality service is everything. With a restaurant POS system, you can take the order, send it to the kitchen staff, bill the customer, and save the transaction history and customer details in a database, all through a single device. A whole chain of command is now simplified and can be carried out using a tablet. This not only saves the staff a lot of time but also reduces human error and increases customer satisfaction. No more forgotten dishes or delayed service. A satisfied customer is also a repeating customer.


Why should you choose SalesPlay POS for your restaurant?


Efficient order management


Systems like Salesplay POS allow the waiting staff to take orders on their tablets and send them to the kitchen staff for preparation. The orders can be added from the menu or by using the search option on the tablet. “Extra cheese for your pizza?”, “no onions in the burger?” Simply customize the order using the modifiers in the menu. You can also assign predefined tickets to tables and manage them. This fastens the ordering process for the customer and enables the staff to easily manage seating arrangements and reduce waiting time. Whether it’s dine-in, take away or delivery the system accommodates it all.


Manage kitchen rush with integrated displays


Waiting staff will no longer have to run from the dining area to the kitchen and the bar just to deliver the order. Their devices can be paired with multiple displays and printers in the kitchen and bar which will display the orders with instant notifications. The displays can also be used to show recipes with modifications and special requests. Now that the waiting staff and the kitchen staff are seamlessly coordinated even during rush hours, cooking and serving on time will be simple.


Inventory management


A smooth supply chain ensures high quality of service. By using Salesplay, you can now add, remove or update your stocks and know when supplies run low by using the stock tracking feature. You can also track goods transferring between multiple locations. This is highly useful when you have several branches as you can keep records of the stocks in all branches in one place.


Restaurant team management


By using a restaurant POS system, employee shifts can be managed and viewed in an open calendar. This reduces communication errors and manipulations. Tickets can be assigned for each staff on duty and you can track their working hours separately. The option to generate staff performance reports makes it easier to calculate their bonuses and pay. You can also make note of discrepancies and resolve any issues systematically. Keeping a record of staff performance helps not only to identify the best-performing employee but also allows you to calculate performance-based bonuses and commissions.


Customer loyalty program


Happy customers mean booming business. SalesPlay has an inbuilt feature called Loyalty program, that adds points to all customers for each of their purchases. The points are redeemable when purchasing again, through a loyalty card provided by the management. A POS system also lets you note customers’ favourite items and preferences so each of them can have a tailored experience. This gives them a reason to come back. By maintaining a customer database with their preferences and past orders, you can introduce customized promotions and offers. So walk-ins will now become regulars. That way you will have a loyal base of customers.