How Email Marketing Will Help Your Small Business Grow

Oct 21 2022

Email marketing refers to using email as a marketing channel to sell your products or services. Email marketing is an excellent way to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. If you are a small business owner you can use email marketing to drive sales, increase brand awareness, inform prospects about upcoming offers for products or services, and even create loyalty among customers. In this current smartphone era, email marketing has become a vital part of every business's marketing strategy because it’s affordable and easy to use.




Here are some things you should do when starting email marketing.


Have an email list of customers: Maintaining an updated list of your past customer emails is essential for successful email marketing campaigns. You will not be able to get the maximum benefit from an email marketing campaign if your customers email addresses have issues.


Understand your target audience: Make sure that you understand the buying behavior of your customers before planning an email marketing campaign. This is especially important when targeting an audience that's hard to reach via traditional channels like television or radio.


Create a compelling message: Make sure that every part of your message has value for the reader. Keep your emails short and sweet. Your goal when writing an email is to get people to read it through.


Keep your subject line clear and concise: When offering promotions or discounts, the email subject line should encourage the customers to open the email and learn about the offer. 


Email marketing is as simple as sending out an email newsletter with relevant content to your customers and prospects. If you are unsure where to start, these are some of the common email marketing tools available in the market today. 


MailChimp or SendGrid are free tools that are great for small businesses that are just starting. They allow you to send emails but they don't offer many features beyond sending out email campaigns.


Paid services such as Aweber or Constant Contact allow you to track your data and create automated follow-up sequences. These services have more features than free ones but they also cost money so if you're not ready to spend money at this stage then it is wise to stick with the free tools until your business grows enough to afford these services.


A free POS system such as SalesPlay can be a great help in growing your business. It can help you identify customer purchase behaviour in your store and categorise them into different lists. A user-friendly point-of-sale system such as SalesPlay POS provides you with the ability to segment your email database by customer behaviour, interests and purchasing history. This will help you create better-targeted marketing campaigns.


For example, if you identify a pattern where a certain number of customers are interested in trying out new products whenever they are released, then it would be useful to send them an email which contains information about new products. This will help you build deeper relationships with your customers and increase revenue.


But one should also remember that email marketing is more than sending out one email. It’s about nurturing relationships with your customers and building trust. It also involves responding to customer queries, thanking them for purchases and helping them solve problems.


Moreover, identifying an email marketing tool that works for your small business and pairing it with a POS system that allows you to optimize your email list will help you increase the sales and revenue of your business. For a small business whether it is just starting or expanding, finding a free POS system and a suitable email marketing tool that goes hand in hand will be ideal. Along with the tools mentioned above, SalesPlay is a free POS system that best fits a business opting for email marketing. If you are looking to start an email campaign, now is the time!