How to Select the Best POS Software for Your Small Business

Jul 18 2022
  1. Why do you need a POS software?


A point-of-sale system will improve the quality of the sales operation(s) in your business. It assists you in saving managerial time and providing increased speed of service by quick scanning of items, speeding up queues, tracking of inventory and facilitating faster payments. The modern mobile point-of-sale systems make the process easier as they are portable and can be used anywhere, inside or outside of the store. A free POS software like SalesPlay will bring more efficiency to your business’s sales procedure than any other expensive solution could, as it is not only a POS software but (also) a business management software.


  1. What features to look for when selecting the best pos system?


With many POS system brands on the market today, you should be aware of the most important features that you should pay attention to when selecting the best POS system. First, you should check whether it caters to the sales process needs of your business; managing your sales, maintaining visibility to cash in and cash out, and connecting a receipt printer or a barcode scanner. Employee management includes shift management, petty cash management, and tracking of employee-wise sales and it is another feature which should be considered when selecting a POS system. As part of a POS system, inventory management is a mandatory feature, and through it you will be able to track stocks in real-time, raise purchase orders and accept goods received, transfer goods between shops, and get automated low stock expiry alerts.


  1. Best pos software for restaurants & cafes


Restaurants and cafes are usually extremely busy at mealtimes and if you have proper software like SalesPlay to manage your business, you will be able to provide an exceptional service to your customers which will keep them coming for more. Features that make SalesPlay the best POS software for restaurants and cafes are the ability to take orders via tablet or smartphone and send them to the kitchen display or printer, manage open tickets by splitting, merging, and moving items, and timers to monitor the duration of open tables, ability to apply discounts/ taxes and take notes, group items by category on the menu screen, customize items like burgers, pizza, wines, and cocktails to streamline ordering, etc. Through all these features, the customer experience is seamless, the order management is more efficient, and the kitchen rush is easier to manage.


  1. Best pos software for fashion & clothing stores


Although a POS system does the exact basic function, the different features embedded into it cater for different types of businesses in a personalized manner. Through software such as SalesPlay, you as a clothing store owner can sell quickly and efficiently because of the easy set-up, management of items according to the categories, record credit and cash transactions while creating customised invoices and enabling product discounts at the time of checkout. You are also able to add a product to the cart or raise a GRN using a barcode. A clothing store needs a feature to decrease the rush when it comes to checking out and through the bill holding option, you can minimise the customer queue. While reviewing stock levels through stock adjustments, the employees can rectify the difference by raising purchase orders and accepting goods Received based on those PO. Since you can integrate the system with accounting software you can engage in the accounting process however you feel fit.


  1. Best pos software for supermarkets


In a store where there is a large team of employees working such as a supermarket, it is necessary to assign them different roles and allocate users in the system. For this, SalesPlay offers the feature of BackOffice. As an owner of a supermarket, you should be aware of employee manipulations and that you can avoid them through a POS system with the help of shift management. If you own a couple of shops under the same business name, you can manage all of them by one POS system as you can add terminals with different settings to each terminal. Because of this, you can sell unique products in each outlet and view separate reports on sales summary and product movement. The feature allows you to create loyalty plans according to customer preferences and issue loyalty cards which would let them redeem points easily making the customer experience of shopping at your supermarket worthwhile. These are some of the essential features for an unhindered provision of services at your supermarket.


  1. What are the products of SalesPlay and what are the Add-ons?


The main products of SalesPlay which are free for the customer are SalesPlay POS, Customer Display, Kitchen Display, SalesPlay Dashboard, and Tablet Ordering. Through these products, you are able to carry out seamless billing, inventory, kitchen management, access to key business information (Dashboard) etc. To enhance the services and your experience, you can consider including the add-ons; Employee Management, Advanced Inventory, and Custom Pricing. These add-ons will assist you in creating different users for the main system, managing access rights, creating Purchase Orders, managing inventory, requesting special pricing etc.