Top 5 Features You Need in a Small Business POS System

May 30 2022

Managing a small business with POS software


Behind every thriving enterprise lies customized software tailored specifically for the business. Regardless of whether you operate an online-based small enterprise or own a multi-location store, you require a system that can effortlessly handle all your tasks. Implementing a small business POS system as a mobile point of sale for your venture consolidates all your operations under one umbrella, enabling you to manage your business with optimal efficiency.


Benefits of using a Point of Sale System in small businesses


The key benefits of using a mobile point of sale system for small business usually includes minimal set-up requirements, affordability, effective employee, customer and stock management, and easy analysis of your business performance. Point-of-Sale systems provide faster and optimized checkouts. You can also enjoy unique features like maintaining a customer database with options to take notes on their preferences, managing inventory, tracking fast movers, and receiving low stock alerts. Although there are several benefits of using an mPOS system, when it comes to running small businesses like restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, salons, spas & fashion stores it is necessary to consider the important features of the system that will help your business to grow.


Top 5 Features You Need in a Small Business POS System

1. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial for every business. A satisfied customer is a profitable customer. SalesPlay has a set of features dedicated just to improving the rate of customer satisfaction. You can build a customer base with their transaction details and preferences which can be used to provide customized offers and discounts to each customer. You can also view a customer’s buying history to provide better services and plan sales. SalesPlay mobile POS has a unique feature called the Customer Loyalty Program that allows customers to collect points with every purchase which are redeemable using their loyalty card when purchasing in future. Hence a customer will not only be satisfied but will also be frequent.


2. Employee management

A well-coordinated team is the backbone of any successfully runs business; hence you need to manage your staff effectively. Installing a mobile POS system such as SalesPlay will allow the employees to manage cash efficiently while letting the owner track employee-wise sales and update and share employee shifts. So from hereon, no missing shifts and scheduling relief at the last minute.


The system would also enable commissions and bonus calculation which will keep the motivation up among the employees. Additionally, you can keep track and add notes for each employee which comes in handy in solving disputes and keeping the team motivated always.


3. Store management

Manage your shop/ shops online with Salesplay. No need to fret if you open a new branch at a different location. SalesPlay allows you to add new locations to existing or newly created shops with different settings. If you run one business or different businesses, all the same, you need to manage sales, customers, product movement, and inventory all in one place. For this, an mPOS system is the best solution.


4. Inventory management

Realtime tracking of your best-sellers and fast-moving products is essential in keeping the business successful. An online retailer with a brick & mortar store that identified the popular items with the help of their Mobile POS software eventually increased the stock of these items and was able to increase sales by around 200%. Whether you are an online business with physical stock or a walk-in store with shipping facilities it is a must to understand the stock movement over a period in one or all shops. Using software to maintain a centralized inventory including receiving low-stock alerts will allow you to always have necessary products in hand and satisfied customers. An ideal software like SalesPlay will also facilitate you with generating purchase orders, bulk imports and sending automated email orders to suppliers so that you may never run out of stock hereafter.


5. Profit & loss analysis

All data need to be analysed to produce meaningful information. Whether you are analysing the sales of a particular product in all your shops or sales in a particular shop or overall sales, you need to be able to generate a variety of sales reports such as sales reports by-products, shop-wise sales reports, sales by category and also sales of trending products. Software that enables filtration of data using keywords makes it effortless to analyse. Systems that allow you to generate debtor management reports are a cherry on top for your small business as it releases you from the stress of having to manually manage debt payments.


If you are a small business that is looking for an mPOS system, you should sign up with SalesPlay now.