Restaurant Point of Sale - Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 25 2022

A restaurant POS software might be a new concept for some restaurateurs, and some might have an idea about it but with so many questions about how it works and what the features are. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about restaurant POS software.



  1. What is a restaurant point of sale?


A POS system allows restaurants to manage inventory, take orders, manage kitchen tasks, set up customer loyalty and analyse sales performance. A modern restaurant point of sale usually includes the software only, which you can operate on any smart device, however, there are options with both software and hardware devices. Basically, a restaurant POS is where the entire business operation is processed from the front desk to the back of the house.


  1. What is the difference between a traditional cash register and a mobile point of sale?


While the cash register lets you ring up sales, secure cash, and sometimes provide basic sales reports, POS software provides everything mentioned above plus inventory management, storing customer data, loyalty programs, implementing promotions and much more. Also, the state-of-the-art POS systems are more portable and flexible than the old cash registers since a POS system can function on various devices such as smartphones and tablets. You have the advantage of integrating a POS system with many solutions like accounting software, scheduling apps, and e-commerce platforms.


  1. What features should I look for when selecting a pos for my restaurant?


There are many features a restaurant POS system can offer, but if you are a restaurant owner, you have to be on the lookout for the following; order and kitchen management, inventory tracking, sales reporting, and customer management. Inventory tracking is essential to a restaurant because unmanaged stock can lead to negative customer experiences if an ordering requirement is not fulfilled. Effective order management and kitchen communication is vital for a restaurant to be hassle-free even on a busy  time. Customer management and sales reporting assure the satisfaction of both the restaurant owners and its customers.


  1. What type of hardware is required for a restaurant pos?


A POS terminal is the main component of a restaurant POS. It can be a desktop, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Recently the use of Android or iPad tablets as restaurant POS devices has increased becuase of the larger screen compared to a smartphone and the portability, unlike a desktop. Although many businesses have opted for digital billing, printers are essential hardware for a POS system. Payment terminals with magstripe technology or devices that can process chip debit and credit cards are also crucial for any retail business like a restaurant. Finally, a good internet connection and a cash drawer are absolute necessities for all of these to function effectively.


  1. Can my restaurant POS help with order management?


The simple answer is yes. You can manage your orders efficiently and keep your teams in sync. You can take orders through a POS terminal and tablet ordering system and send it to the kitchen through the Kitchen Display System. The kitchen staff will then have easy access to open tickets, and they have the ability to manage them by splitting, merging, and moving items. Assigning tickets to staff for each table is also a possibility. Not only order management but order-taking efficiency can be increased through organising items by categories and customizing menu screens. With the help of table management timers you can track how long a table has been open and provide quick service.


  1. Can my restaurant POS help with kitchen management?


A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a must for any restaurant as it can take the workload and the possible confusion (caused by either shouting out orders or handwritten tickets) off the staffs' shoulders.


You can conveniently notify the kitchen staff what to prepare for orders through the Kitchen Display System. This becomes better as you can pair multiple kitchen displays and printers with multiple POS devices. Through the Kitchen Display or printer, your kitchen staff can easily check items, quantities, modifiers, and tickets. These features will provide ample support to your kitchen staff to function smoothly.


  1. How easy it is to manage staff with a restaurant POS?


A restaurant point of sale system might be your best fit to manage your staff efficiently. You can identify best-performing staff members as well as reduce employee manipulation through the use of shift management. You can ensure that all the employees do not have the same access to the system but restrict their access according to their position. You can view staff appointment schedules in a calendar so you know who will be working the shift on a given day.


  1. Can I set up a loyalty program for my frequent customers?


Impressive customer service will help create loyal customers to your restaurant; a point of sale based customer loyalty program is the best way to do this. You can create a number of loyalty programs through SalesPlay Back Office and you can even provide a more customised service to your customers by keeping notes on their favourite dish or how they prefer their steak. In loyalty programs you can reward your customers through point reward systems to increase their frequency of visiting your restaurant.


  1. Does a POS system have real-time reporting and analytics?


A good restaurant POS system can provide real-time reporting and analytics including sales reports, inventory expiry reports, inventory history reports, shop-wise sales reports and if you have branches, sales by product and by trend reports, debtor management reports and much more.


  1. What is included in a Free POS software for restaurants?


SalesPlay POS - point of sale software includes seamless billing, inventory, CRM and an analytics platform. SalesPlay Customer Display option is another free feature that helps customers to view their order information. Similarly, SalesPlay Kitchen Display is a free feature to inform kitchen staff about pending orders. The SalesPlay Dashboard is also a free feature, as is the SalesPlay Tablet Ordering feature.