Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Coffee Shop Trending in Your Local Area

Sep 11 2022

As a coffee shop owner, you’re not just making the best coffee in town – you’re also a brand. The chances of your business being successful increase when you adapt to the growing trends of the market and execute an effective marketing strategy. Opting for a coffee shop POS system rather than a traditional one is an ideal upgrade for a coffee shop in today’s market.



Whether you’re looking to re-invent your shop’s menu, or just want to boost sales and profits, you can achieve that by transforming your coffee shop into a hot spot in your local area. By creating an atmosphere that is vibrant and compelling, you’ll get the people flowing through your doors and keep those happy faces coming back for more.


The coffee shop market has been growing consistently over the past few years. According to a National Coffee Association report the consumption of coffee is projected to increase by one-third worldwide by the year 2030 and for the year 2022, the global coffee industry’s revenue is projected at $90,277 million. By 2030 the coffee shop market is projected to reach US$201.4 Billion growing at a CAGR of 3.6% over the period 2020-2027. The US market alone is estimated at $35 billion with Japan and Canada following closely.


As the industry continues to expand, consumers are looking for different ways to enjoy their favourite drinks. Whether you own or manage a coffee shop, these top five tips will help boost traffic to your establishment and keep it trending in your local area.


  1. Provide facilities for remote working from coffee shops

Customers will visit if they see that there are a number of reasons why they can be comfortable spending their time there to do work. The best approach to this is to ensure that your team has all the support they need in order to operate efficiently and comfortably. This means providing facilities for mobile working, including free Wi-Fi, necessary power extensions and adaptors. Additionally providing options to reserve tables or meeting rooms can also attract more customers who are on the lookout for meeting spaces outside of their offices.


  1. Tablet ordering for a seamless experience

To stay relevant to today’s modern coffee-seeking consumers, more and more businesses are opting for mobile POS systems that allow the waitstaff to take orders on a tablet/mobile device which is synced to the POS and KOT. For a customer, going to the counter every time they want to make another order can be a hassle. Remote ordering is becoming one of the most popular ways for customers to order their caffeine fixes as it allows them to place orders from their seats without having to go to the counter every time they want to purchase something. With a point-of-sale system like SalesPlay, you can easily set up tablet/ mobile ordering in your coffee shop with just a few clicks.


  1. Introduce a special customer loyalty scheme for remote working professionals

Coffee shops are the most preferred destination for workers all across the world. If you want to enhance your business opportunities at present, then you must focus on factors which would attract such professionals to your shop. Show the customers you care by providing facilities for remote working from your coffee shop. Many coffee shops now offer food, Wi-Fi and special offers for remote working professionals - all of which make them a more attractive location for workers in the area. Additionally, providing discounts for repeat purchases and loyalty points that are redeemable on food and beverage items on the menu are some features that will increase the number of repeat customers.


  1. Having Ample parking spaces

Coffee shops are often the first local businesses that come to mind when you think about a thriving local community. As a result, they have an important role to play in creating a vibrant, thriving hub for all those working in your local area. One main feature that often gets overlooked when opening a new shop is the parking facility. Providing ample parking space will allow the customers to come to your shop without having to worry about parking. This is especially true if you have a coffee shop on the main street or in the surrounding areas.


  1. Geo-targeted online promotions

The importance of keeping your coffee shop current and trending cannot be stressed enough. Get customers in the door by leveraging social media accounts such as Instagram and TikTok and geo-targeted promotions to help attract people who like what you do. Monthly Social Media giveaway contests targeting your frequent visitors from the neighbourhood will increase the popularity of your coffee shop. Additionally, you could also set up Google Search ad campaigns targeting people who search for coffee shops in a particular radius highlighting the facilities or promotions of your business.


Coffee shops are a booming industry that is expected to continue growing as more people indulge in their passion for coffee. Therefore, it is crucial to establish your brand and keep up with the trends to stay in the business. A satisfied customer is both a repeat customer and a brand advocate; using modern technology such as SalesPlay to provide an exceptional experience will help you create more satisfied customers for your coffee shop.